How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Influence The Renaissance

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The Great Artists of the Renaissance The Renaissance was an era of great masterpieces and ingenuity from the minds of the greatest artists in the history of humankind. Renaissance literally means "rebirth", which is fitting because this time period was the revival period for learning and values of the Ancients. This time period was thought by scholars to be a time of revival and upbringing from the dark times of the Middle Ages in which learning was lost. The only reason they overcame these dark times were because of the brilliant minds of scholars such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. There were many scholars in the Renaissance; however, these two made a significant impact, through their revival of the ancient passion of classical learning, innovation in mathematics and the sciences, as well as artwork, which was the prime jewel of the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the more acclaimed artists from the Renaissance era because we have most of his art, notes, designs, and because we know more about him than most. He definitely made some memorable pieces of typical art, but was not limited by the idea of paint and canvas. Leonardo da Vinci really took on the idea of revival and was very…show more content…
He adored animals but ended up working for a warlord later when he left to work for Francis I, King of France. This seems to be a contradiction. Da Vinci made many blueprints or sketches for many things including machines of war ahead of his time. For example a tank, a parachute, diving gear made for fighting in the canals of Venice, a helicopter, and much more. There is a problem though. In some of these blueprints, there are mistakes and faults that are too easy to make for a genius like Leonardo. There are theories he made these faults in order to prevent his inventions from contributing to warfare. The thing is that we will never know because we have no proof, just some theories based on a
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