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Livia was a part of the early times in ancient Rome. She may not have been as well known as the men during her time, but she still had a lasting impact on society. Livia Drusilla was the daughter of Livius Drusus Claudianus and Alfidia. Livia was also called Julia Augusta. Livia played a major role in the cult of the deified Augustus. Livia was an ancient ruler in ancient Rome and worked alongside her husband Augustus for 52 years. Livia was definitely more independent than most women due to her husband treating her as more of an equal. Livia was the wife of Augustus, she worked a lot behind the scenes of the government, and she was more of a partner then just a wife. Livia also was responsible for having an eligible heir to the throne and…show more content…
But Her marriage to Augustus definitely lasted longer, around 52 years to be exact. They worked along each other's side as equals. Augustus let his wife have an active role in what they were doing to help advance society. Livia had two sons in her previous marriage and was actually pregnant with the second child when she left her former husband for Augustus. Livia wanted her sons to in throne once it became available. But the only reason that her son was able to able to become king was due to the death of others in line for the throne. Now some are taking it into consideration whether Livia had anything to do with the death occurrences for those in line for the throne. Since there is no solid evidence, just theories, no one can prove that she actually did. Livia and Augustus never had a child together. Since Livia already had children of her own and Augustus did from his previous marriage it wasn't their biggest concern all of the time. Livia was very independent through everything she accomplished throughout her life. Even though she was Augustus, wife, he let her be more free than other women and let her make her own decisions. Livia had her own seats, front row, at the theater. Livia knew a lot and how to advance her people and herself. She had a good strategy when it came to most things. She had a great amount of self control which kept her and her society on

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