How Did Locke Influence The Idea Of Faternity During The French Revolution

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The French revolution During the French revolution, many different events were taking place, all with the same three ideas in mind, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. The people of Europe at this time knew that a formal constitution must be made to keep their country in order. At the time, sovereignty was being thrown around to different kings, people, and lines of royal descent. The thought of the people included giving equal sovereignty to their elected leader, and the people of Europe. Although the forming of the constitution did not take place until 1791, previous thinkers influenced the majority of the ideas put into the document. During the 17th century, many philosophers expressed their ideas towards politics and the way our government should distribute power throughout higher authority. Among the many philosophers of the 17th century, John Locke was most known for his work in creating a form of government that people still practice today, a limited liberal government. Through his suggestions and theories, Locke helped shape the ideas of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity by implementing practices such as freedom of religion. Previous to Locke, states would require citizens to practice a set religion…show more content…
Each philosopher prior to this statement being born, contributed to each one of these words by giving ideas that reflected each term. Locke made suggestions of practice that influenced the decision of people being equal, and free to assemble or practice what they feel necessary. Without suggestions like this, we would not have been able to move past the idea of monarchies, or kings fully ruling people. Without suggestions of change, nothing would come about, and society as a whole could never proceed further. If we could not assemble in fraternity, then we would not be able to discuss ways to preform actions such as equality or
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