How Did Louis Xvi Cause The French Revolution

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Louis XVI had a huge role in causing the French Revolution. However it was not just Louis who caused the French Revolution, there was bad harvest which led the people hungry and there were the very angry peasants. Louis played a large role in causing the French Revolution. For example, he was a very stupid because he did not lead the country properly because he was more interested in making clocks rather than ruling the country and that lead to his wife to interfere with the running of the country and had gained more power than she already had. Another reason for why Louis was blamed was the unhappiness of the third estate. They were taxed heavily, as the country was in debt. This shows that Louis went too far taxing peasants and how unfair…show more content…
Louis XVI tried hard to prevent the national assembly from writing a new constitution by locking them out of their meeting rooms. Unusually, they gathered in an indoor tennis court. There they took an oath to not separate until they had written the new constitution. This was a major event which started the revolution because the people had gone against the king because he didn’t let the French people make laws and regulations. This also indicates that the citizens desired to change badly and that’s why they took this action and took an oath that they will make a new constitution. The third estate declared themselves as the national assembly. In conclusion, Louis XVI was the main cause of the French Revolution because all the causes link together for example, he didn’t lead the country properly this means that he didn’t help his people and was not definitely giving taxes out fairly because he put soo much taxes on the poor peasants and this caused the peasants to rebel against Louis by breaking into the Bastille and stealing everything, also demanding food from Louis because they did not have the money to by food for
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