How Did Lucille Ball Become Successful

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You probably know about successful entrepreneurs and what they have done to their community with their products and/ or services. However, many people do not know the things that these people went through before their big break to success. Many of these people were told they could not do it, failed miserably, got rejected, etc. Events like these can be painful to go through, but by looking at these entrepreneurs who failed forward can encourage you to go on. These are the people to inspire others that despite failure, you can achieve your dreams and be wildly extraordinary. Everyone will inevitably face failure in their lives; when you do- you must fail forward. Lucille Ball was an American actress, comedienne, model, film-studio executive, and producer. She was best known as the star of the self-produced sitcom I Love Lucy. Many people know who she is or at least seen her iconic face. Ball was wildly successful and was the first woman to own her own major…show more content…
Ball established a television production company called Desilu Productions with Desi Arnaz- her husband at the time. They produced shows such as: I love Lucy, Star Trek, Dick Van Dyke Show, the Andy Griffith Show, and Mission Impossible. These shows were the most popular, but this studio produced over an astonishing 30 shows. But by 1962, she bought out Desi Arnaz to have complete control, two years after their divorce in 1960. Lucille pursued a passion of hers- she wanted to be something big since she was 11, and this made her work more vigorously to achieve her childhood dreams. Additionally, her target audience would be the average American family who own a television. Lucy and Desi wanted to make their show, ‘’I love Lucy” relatable to the audience, so they made it about an average house couple instead of celebrity life. This is why this was so wildly loved in America; it could give the view something to relate
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