How Did Lucille Ball Change Women In Society

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Lucille Ball wanted to change the roles that women had in society and she showed this in different ways in her television shows. She was one of the most famous actress to alter the Hollywood industry. After trying to be noticed in Hollywood for many years she was finally noticed by a poster of her during her modeling career. When she was noticed Ball worked in Hollywood for 50 years on different shows and producing them. Before all the fame Ball was told that she lacked the talent needed. At age 15 she was enrolled at a New York drama school and was sent home for being too shy compared to her other classmates getting all of the attention. Lucille Ball changed the roles that women had in entertainment through her comedic performance.
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Ball created this company because other companies that she worked for would not allow her to do the things that she wanted. Her company produced I Love Lucy and many other series that allowed her to perform more of her original ideas. “Ball not only starred in “I Love Lucy” but co-owned its production company, Desilu, with her husband Desi Arnaz.” With this company producing more television series earned her more attention and love from the crowds. Co-owning this company made her the first woman to lead a television production company. “Two years later she bought the company Desilu from her husband making her the president of the company.” Buying this company made her the only women to run a major production company in this century. After buying the company she changed the name to Paramount Pictures. A few years later Ball sold Paramount for $17 million and she founded her own company, Lucille Ball Productions. This displayed the fact that a woman does not need a male figure to be successful or to lead a major business on their own. Ball did not only achieve her goal of starring in a Hollywood comedic series but stood for other rights as well including her
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