How Did Luther's Influence On John Calvinism

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John Calvin was a theologian during the Protestant Reformation, and was the father of theological system know as Calvinism. He is one of the most important figures that was involved in the Protestant Reformation. John devoted his time to bring change throughout the church. John and Marin Luther are some of the most significant architects during the reformation. "If Luther sounded the trumpet for reform, Calvin orchestrated the score by which the Reformation became a part of Western civilization." John was born in Noyon, France on July 10, 1505 and was raised in a town with communal traditions. Johns father had little education, but he had several legal positions through out the local churches. His mother was from a family of wealthy hotelkeeper.…show more content…
His influence had become supreme, and the people had accepted the reform. They turned to him for instruction, but not only because of his power, but as a teacher. People saw John as living a full Christian life. John moved to Basel, and Switzerland where he was welcomed by scholars and theologians who had planed to make the city Athens of Switzerland. John started to study Hebrew. At the age of 28 John moved once again to Geneva. In 1536 John went on a journey to Geneva. John believed that education for the young was very important and established schools throughout Geneva. John wanted to enforce parents to send their children to school. William Farel who was a well known reformist at the time, met with John Calvin to get him to stay in Geneva to help reform the movement there which he did for two years. While John was in Geneva he got married in 1540 to Idelette de Bure the widow of Jean Stordeur of Liege, that John converted to Anabaptism. Their only child was born July 28th, 1542 only lived for just a few days. William and John left Geneva and John moved to Strasbourg where he became a pastor from 1538-1541. John’s supporters won the election in Geneva in 1541, and he was invited to come back to the city where he stayed until his death in 1564. During Johns later years, he was ill with a fever, asthma, and
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