How Did Luther's Religious Influence

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Martin Luther had many grievances towards the church, one was that he did not feel like the leaders of the papal states met the spiritual matters and were just focused on the political aspect of being the pope. Another one was the selling of indulgences. Martin Luther's protest of indulgences started the reformation; the church had allowed John Tetzel to sell indulgences to help pay for saint peter's basilica. The people were told that the buying of indulgences would help and free their loved ones from purgatory. This lead to the 95 thesis that Luther wrote in 1517 AD. His letter sparked a huge uproar that started a split from the Church, by 1520, Luther had begun to move towards a more definite break from the Catholic Church. He had called …show more content…

Martin Luther split from the Catholic Church had a big impact over the next 50 years on european religion and politics because if one person did not like the previous religion they would make a new one based off of the first one, just like Luther did. This caused grave controversy between catholics and non- catholics because both parties through their religion was correct. Charles V, the Holy Roman emperor, thought that the reformation was more of a disruptive. He religiously thought that he would bring unity within his empire by keeping it catholic, but politically he just wanted it to be under his dynasty called the Hapsburgs. Another impact is King Henry VIII married a women whom could not ever bear a son. Henry asked the pope for an annulment, saying that his marriage was void, but the pope declined his annulment. This made the king mad and he broke from the church to become the head of the Church of England then granted himself an annulment against his wife. Another big impact Martin had on the Church was that the Catholic Church started to lose followers to other religions. The church then realized that they needed to reform as well, which was called the counter-reformation, so they called the Council of trent and confirmed all that they

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