How Did Mahatma Gandhi Impact India

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Ryan Chiew (9TH)
History essay: Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)

Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer in South Africa and he came back to India in 1915. Upon his return to India, he set about organizing peasants, farmers, and urban laborers to protest against excessive land-tax and discrimination and he was the preeminent leader of Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Also, he led nationwide campaigns for easing poverty, expanding women 's rights, building religious and ethnic amity, ending untouchability and he employed nonviolent civil disobedience. Mahatma Gandhi had also played an important role in the gaining of independence of India from Britain as he had also initiated many different campaigns that led to it for example the salt march, the Satyagraha campaign and he had negotiated with the Cabinet Mission which recommended the new constitutional structure which had all contributed greatly. He had also assumed leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921.
Firstly, we can see that Gandhi had impacted the British rule of India by organizing the salt march also known as the Dandi march which began on 12 March 1930 and he set off from his base, Sabarmati Ashram near Ahmadabad, to the coastal village of Dandi, located at a small town called Navsari, in
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In conclusion, I think that Gandhi was quite important in India gaining independence as he had done many things that impacted the peoples view of the British government, however I feel that other factors and individuals should also be given equal credit as they had also played a major part in the gaining of independence of India from Britain as they had not only impacted the wealth of Britain at the time but they had also changed not only the British governments view of the colony in India but also other countries view of it and so in my opinion, should the other factors and individuals not have played a part, Gandhi might not have managed to achieve independence for India from the
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