How Did Malcolm X Memorialize The Civil Rights Movement?

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1960s. During this time in the United States, African Americans experienced and were treated unfairly because of their race. Malcolm X’s father was killed by white supremacists. When Malcolm X was in junior high school, his white teacher told him that he could not be a lawyer and should be more “realistic” and be a carpenter. After eighth grade, Malcolm continued a life of crime. He was eventually was convicted of crime and sent to prison for 7 years where he educated himself and converted to a Muslim group called the Nation of Islam.

He fought injustice by trying to get African-Americans to have their own black nation. Malcolm X was a minister at temple NO.7 in Harlem, NY where he talked to his people about racism and self defense. He had different feelings on fight in back for freedom, then having non violence like king was doing, he felt that we needed to fight back by any means necessary including violence. Malcolm X gained many followers and the nation of Islam gained about 40,000 members by the 1960’s. Malcolm was ready to die for what he fought for, he wanted his people to have their rights.
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For the artwork portion I want to make a picket sign like they did in the civil rights movement. I will use a fist to symbolize fighting for freedom and to stand strong as a nation. I would like to add things he is known for. I will also add an X with glasses in front to remember Malcolm X and let people know he fought for the civil rights of his people.That is how I will memorialize Malcolm X and make sure that others know about him as
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