How Did Mao Zedong Change During The Cultural Revolution

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During the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) art completely changed in style and purpose. More specifically when the Communist Party took over the minds and hearts of China in 1949, propaganda seen in art was used to influence them and further make Mao Zedong an icon and hero. This movement changed the art of China into a modernized art, an art that was no longer showing the spirit of the old China but a new spirit that sparked through Mao Zedong's teachings. Through the elimination of traditional-style artworks, its artist and of those not in favor of Mao Zedong’s ideals, China brutally metamorphosised into a modern nation. Through the articles by Julia Andrews “The of Cultural Revolution” and by Liu Chunhua, “Painting Pictures of Chairman Mao is Our Greatest Happiness” and “Art that Serves Proletarian Politics,” and the film “Making Mao” this essay will analyse the change in art and the new spirit that the new and modern artwork spoke and communicated to the people of China.
Chairman Mao’s teachings influenced young people, Red Guards, to celebrate this new spirit of art, essentially it was the elimination of the old that for them exploited classes to corrupt the masses. As a result, Mao Zedong became the icon in most artwork and he symbolized the hero that would save China. To explain, art during the Communist
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However, for Mao Zedong’s followers by eliminating the old spirit of China and through destroying traditional paintings and styles, Chairman Mao’s ideals allowed and gave way to the visual, performing and popular art in China. Art for the Red Guards needed to target political ideals, ideals that Chairman Mao believed would truly change China into a modern place. In other words, it was Chairman Mao who lit the spark of revolution but it was the duty of the Red Guards and the followers of Mao to do “their part of correcting the distortion of

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