How Did Marcus Aurelius Influence Roman Culture

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Roman culture began to expand around 117 CE and by 285 CE the empire had spread and become the principal government of Rome. The city of Rome was the center, the civilization of Rome was ruled much by Europe and lasted for nearly a thousand years. The birth of the Roman empire continued and brought major stability to the regions of the Mediterranean. The empire also stretched across most of Europe, Armenia, North Africa, and Assyria. Rome ultimately became the place for religious, political and social institutions. Roman art however was influenced and inspired by Greek art. The Egyptian and Near East civilization also influenced Roman culture throughout history. The Romans appreciated the arts and Greek culture. After the Greece dominated,…show more content…
He was interested in philosophy and his stoic reflections are still recognized today as the meditations due to the fact that his sculptures reflect abstract concerns. Aurelius became emperor around 170 CE is also a well-known as the last good and respected emperor who came from a political and wealthy family. The equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius is a large more than life size sculpture made out of bronze. Marcus Aurelius is depicted on a horse while the horse is mounted up. The overall representation of the sculpture is power. The gesture of the hands is also similar to those of Augustus and may signify the act of a fallen opponent is aware or apparent before the sculpture was found before it was destroyed. The face of Aurelius also can be identified due to full beard and curly hair in the sculpture which signified intellect. The Roman bust was also a popular style of art in sculpture during Roman civilizations. The sculpture only represents the head of the person such as I portrait would. The wealthy people of Roman would usually get busts of their ancestors in put them in their homes which denoted their lineage. The portrait group of the tetrarchs are also a form of portrait sculpture. The four tetrarchs are all dressed military style and are made out of porphyry, or an assortment of igneous rock which was probably made around 300 AD. which is uncommon in popular sculptures. The figures are indistinguishable
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