How Did Marcus Garvey Influence Society

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Marcus Garvey was the inspiration for almost every significant African American movement in history. He was a native of Jamaica and had eleven siblings, most of which died in early childhood. Only his sister and Garvey lived to adulthood. Garvey came to spread his idealism that the African people should be free and have a country to themselves. He inspired Hon Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King Jr., and even Malcolm X through his philosophy. In an attempt for the African American people to rely solely on themselves, he set up the Negro Factories Corporation so that he could produce everything a nation would/could. Marcus Garvey founded the Negro Factories Corporation in 1920, he sold the stock to African Americans and accumulated one million dollars for his task. Marcus Garvey’s quintessential dream for reality was for Africans to have independence from the United States, but, he wanted to go a step further and create a United States of Africa for the African people. He returned to Jamaica in 1912 and founded many more helpful businesses for the African society Marcus Garvey found inspiration from people like Hitler, Mussolini, and Sussali because of their racial pride. He was also inspired by the Irish movement for freedom against Britain. He felt as though they wanted to see their own people excel in the world. It is astounding that Martin Luther King looked up to him because Dr. King did not like the ideals of Hitler. He also had a word based off of him: Garveyism. This

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