How Did Marie Antoinette Impact The French Revolution

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Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France. She was born in Vienna, Austria. She was born November 2nd, 1755. Marie Antoinette was a daughter of the Emperor Francis 1st of Lorraine. She was married to her husband, Louis Auguste, on May 16th, 1770. Marie Antoinette’s husband, Louis Auguste, was crowned king on June 11th, 1775. On that day Marie was crowned Queen of France and Navarre at the Cathedral of Reims. Marie was an impact on revolution in a few different ways. Marie Antoinette partied a lot. Marie and her husband, Louis Auguste, didn 't have any children for quite a while. Also Marie Antoinette even spent loads of money of jewelry, men, etc (Marie). One way Marie Antoinette impacted the revolution was that she partied a lot. Louis Auguste, Marie 's husband, ignored her. Marie Antoinette was in desperate need of entertainment since her husband ignored her. If her husband had not ignored her, Marie Antoinette would have children and therefore she would have something to do. Since Louis Auguste ignored his wife, Marie Antoinette started to party alot. Marie Antoinette would go to casinos and gamble all their money away. Marie would spend so much of their money, she earned the…show more content…
Marie and her husband didn 't have children for a very long time was because simply her husband ignored her. Not having children for so long made their country very suspicious. Since Marie Antoinette was a foreigner, from Austria, they suspected it to be her fault that her and Louis Auguste had not had children yet. The country ended up blaming Marie Antoinette for her and Louis Auguste not having children. They thought all Marie Antoinette wanted to do was party, when it was Louis Auguste who was an introvert and kept to himself. Even being at Versailles for a month and a half, Louis Auguste treated his wife, Marie Antoinette, very
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