How Did Marie Antoinette Influence The French Revolution

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The two groups of nobles are the nobles of the sword and the nobles of the robe. The nobles of the robe were the middle class. They made money and were gaining power. The nobles of the sword were born in to the nobles. The nobles of the sword were being able to called nobles and they didn't want to share power
The nobles felt detained to the church because the priest were not subject to the monarchy.
The revolutionary leaders took music very seriously they realized that music was a very powerful tool that could be used to control they way people feel. A school was set up to train bands for the new army. Composers where encouraged to write revolutionary songs and between 1789 and 1800 more than 1300 song where written. The most famous one is the Le Marseilles.
Queen Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August 1792. Marie was 14 years old when she was sent to be married to Louis-Auguste. Marie and Louis where married on May 16, 1770. Marie was not ready to be married she was showing sighnes of homesickness with her letters that she sent home. Louis XV died in 1774, and Louis-Auguste succeeded him to the French
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Clothing in France was one of the most visual markers in social privilege and aristocratic status. The royal courts dress had originally been fashioned by Lous XIV. In this time clothing played an important symbolic function, as men and women relied on it to express their political convictions. Dress ultimately became a way to support revolutionary change. Fashion designers gained even more influence during this era, as people hurried to be clothed in the latest styles. Fashion magazines started during this era. It was originally aimed at intelligent readers, but quickly capturing the attention of lower classes with their colorful illustrations and up-to-date fashion
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