How Did Marilyn Monroe Affect Society

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Norma Jeanne Mortensen also known as, Marilyn Monroe is globally experienced as a sexual appearance idol for the world. Mrs. Monroe grew up from a tragic child hood as a kid, never spoken of her foster parents or about being in foster care during her high school or ever growing up (A 1942 University). Being smothered at the age of two, and being rapped at the age of nine (Biography1) was not a great life to talk about. Growing up not knowing her father was seriously difficult for her being the only child not only having one parent in the house but also further on in life she became well known recognized for a model but it did not bother her because that is what she needed in life. She was a strong companion women growing up from lack of a farther figure she did not struggle to succeed in life and turn into a beautiful woman she became known for which is not only a sex symbol to people but also a famous singer, actor and model and every man’s dream wife.
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People looked at Marilyn Monroe different but nobody is perfect, Marilyn Monroe did what she wanted to do the way she thought made her happy a lot of people may have criticized which maybe was also a reason of why she suffered with going through things in her life which most people failed to realize. From Marilyn Monroe being stressed from many of the media and went through depression because of the social drama people either made up or was not even there business for others to know, really made her do tragic things. All the drinking she did was maybe a possibility of the media people did of her, or the stress of not getting sleep made her take sleeping pills, which lead to a tragic death (Notable
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