How Did Marilyn Monroe Become So Famous

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Have you were wondered how Marilyn Monroe become so famous? Marilyn was a amazing actress, who was known for her sex appeal.While she might have acted in the 1950s she is still remembered today. This paper is about her early, middle, and later life. When Marilyn Monroe was young, she went through a tragic situation.According to UXL Biographies, Marilyn Monroe “she grew up in foster homes and orphanages.” Marilyn Monroe was born with the name Norma Jean. “At age eight she was raped by a lodger in a house where she was resident” (UXL Biographies). Owings points out that “Norma Jean lived in relative happiness and comfort with the Bolenders for the first seven years of her life.” These sources tell me that Marilyn’s childhood was not the great. The middle of her life had a lot of ups and down for Monroe. Owings suggest that “Monroe did not get any roles during her first six months at Fox. However, still willing to give her a chance, Fox renewed her contract in February 1947” (34). Marilyn “worked in B movies (cheaply produced films) at Columbia Picture until she befriended Johnny Hyde” (UXL Biographies). According to Britannica School, “ …but her career blossomed in the 1950’s, beginning with bits a parts in The Asphalt Jungle (1950), All about Eve (1950), a walk-on appearance in O’Henry’s Full House (1952) …Gentleman Prefer Blondes (1953), and The Ten Year Itch (1955).” Marilyn, “She began relying on…show more content…
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