How Did Marilyn Monroe Commit Suicide

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Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was found dead on august 5th,1962 in los angeles, California. Her housekeeper found her in her room neatly with her hands placed by her side naked. Investigators think she just overdosed do to the empty pill bottles that was found neatly positioned on her night stand. “Dr.thomas Noguchi concluded that Monroe had overdosed on sedative drugs, possibly to commit suicide. Her death has since been surrounded in controversy and many of her fans this she was forced to take those pills.” “Marilyn Monroe was prescribed to prescription pills and swallows dozens of them Her fans didn 't realize that she was in depression because she had such a “good life” they also realized that Marilyn Wouldn 't just kill…show more content…
“Kennedy and Marilyn was also apart of the communist party and she was the main target. Conspirators suspect that the communist party had something to do with her death.” “Darwin porter concluded that someone had something to do with her death. He thinks that Kennedy hired a hitman to take Marilyn 's life.” “While she said was currently taking pills her doctor prescribed for her a man grabbed her and put a chlorine soaked cloth over her mouth until she stopped breathing and called the police after making sure she was dead and all of their evidence was gone.” Soon investors went deeper into the murder case and found out Marilyn and Kennedy was also participated in the communist party there she was a target to kill at the party. “According to Capell “many suicide”, “heart attacks”, and “accidental deaths” are really murders caused by the communist party.” Others think she could have gotten shot. How could she have gotten shot if there was no bullet wounds found…. After Kennedy dropped Marilyn off he made sure the door was unlocked before letting the hitman
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