How Did Marjane Influence Persepolis

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Influences surround us everywhere and they can affect the way we think, act, behave, and interact with people. Within the graphic novel Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi who grew up in Iran nearing the end of the Islamic Revolution, would be influenced for the rest of her life when when religion and reasoning would split not only her apart but also the entire country. Living in a country that was going through a major political and cultural upheaval would make it very hard for one to be able to control their fate because just like Marjane, depending on who you are, you will be expected to behave and act a certain way, sometimes compliantly or forcefully out of fear. Our influences were pre-determined but that doesn't mean that we can't break away from them and still be able to find our own or hold onto our own individual ideas.…show more content…
Religion, gender, and culture were being strictly reinforced and Marjane who is split in half by wanting to be independent but also incorporate herself into her religion is still trying to find herself in a place where you aren't allowed to stand out. Even with her independent side, Marjane is having trouble being able to express herself because of the constant use of shaming the the Iranian government does to try and keep from expressing ideas that will go against the government, specifically with the use of the veil which became mandatory to wear and the segregation of schools between boys and girls. This brought a major shift to Marjane who would then begin rebel is small ways like wearing punk clothing or reading about Marx and other socialists to combat the oppressive regime in her own
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