How Did Martin Luther Impact His Time

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How Martin Luther Has Impacted His Time Period Before Martin Luther became a Catholic monk, his family had him learn to become a lawyer. His family soon became disappointed when he gave up becoming a lawyer and a Catholic priest because he wasted their hard earned money when he dropped out of law school. While he was working under the care of one of the Church’s Fathers, he went to Rome. When he saw how much Rome and the Roman Church had strayed from God's teaching he had to speak up against what was going on. While the Holy Roman Church saw him as a Heretic but, the people of his time saw him start to impact his time period socially, politically, and economically. Luther’s words and teachings started to affect his time period socially. Before he wrote about the Church’s corruption, the people blindly followed the Church’s teachings, holidays, and religious sacraments. Once Luther spoke against the corrupt Church, telling them that they need to fix their sinful and immoral ways, the people of Germany started to revolt against the Church. The Peasant Revolt had begun and the people who participated in it took Luther’s teachings out of context, ultimately costing many…show more content…
Since the Pope and the Emperor were in control at the time, no one could go against their rules. If someone did counter them, they would be burned at the stake, and Luther was one of those people. He questioned and denied the Popes authority in the Church which caused the Church and the Emperor to become angry at his actions. The Cardinals wanted to have him excommunicated and the Emperor wanted him burned at the stake. Normally, Luther would have been killed on the spot but, the German Princes saved his life by risking their lives to keep his teachings instead of staying Catholic. This gave the princes more courage and power than the Pope and the Emperor. This is how Luther impacted his time period
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