How Did Martin Luther Influence America

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Christian Influence on America From Martin Luther to the founding of America. Notably, Martin Luther created your liberty and freedom. Furthermore, there are many things in between that guided Martin Luther's ideas to the founding of America. The reformation goes back and forth, but eventually affect America. Never Before In History: America's Inspired Birth by Gary Amos and Richard Gardiner explains the influence of Christianity on the founding of America. The significance of the Christian Protestant influence on the instituting of The United States of America is vastly insurmountable. The reformation and the effect it creates on the founding of America is surprisingly momentous. It started with Martin Luther during the early sixteenth…show more content…
The first government in the colonies was upon the consent of the governed. The Mayflower Compact is the document that America was founded on, and it was all based around the “'free consent of the governed'” (41). Correspondingly, this means the government worked only with the people's opinions in mind and there was no king, but only laws. In addition, the second influence of the founding of America's is Calvin. “Calvin's problem was that he had difficulty separating common decency with his own sense of decency” (47). He believed laws against blasphemy was good for society. Even though this is not separation of church and state technically. Comparatively, it is clear that this idea of his has carried on into our culture, for example, today in America, there are laws against obscenity and opening courts on Sunday. And lastly, the first Great Awakening during the early eighteenth century has greatly influenced America. “The majority of people who founded the United States of America either experienced, or were children of those who experienced, the religious awakening of the 1740's” (56). This goes to show that most, if not all, of the founding fathers were Christian, and held the belief of Religious Liberty, which therefore influenced America even up until
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