How Did Martin Luther Influence

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The Influence of Martin Luther Luther’s encounter with death in a thunder storm introduced him to, just how helpless he was as a human being, that particular experience troubled his soul which led him to vow to become a monk. Luther had become very serious about his salvation and went to great lengths to ensure it, to no avail. Luther’s friend, Johannes Staupitz, suggested that Luther had wasted enough time with his salvation dilemma, he should consume his time with the Bible. Luther had received a revelation after studying Psalms and Romans that faith alone, justifies a person, based on Christ righteousness: what He did on the Cross and not anything of themselves. From that moment all Luther desired to do was share it with the other worried believers, and this is what influenced and impacted his leadership. In 1517, Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the doors of Castle Church, in protest of the traffic in indulgences and the church’s falling away from the truth; this was an invitation for others to come and discuss the issue in regards to…show more content…
Calvin cared about the condition of the church, he wrote about the Christian life and being one with Christ; death of the old man (mortification) and walking in newness of life, referred to as being born again. (Vivification) Calvin shares that the Holy Spirit plays a significant part being the “link or connection.” Calvin’s teachings from Matthew 16:24, addresses self-denial, carrying the cross, and following the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. John Calvin wanted the people of God to repent, live holy, deny self, and experience that intimate relationship with the Father; His will, and walking in obedience. He put a lot of emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit to lead one into biblical truths. Calvin’s theology was of the
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