How Did Martin Luther Influence Religion

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“Martin Luther“
"Save me Saint Anne, and I will become a monk." These words spoken on that traveling road would lead to one of the biggest splits in any religion in the history of the world. These words were spoken by Martin Luther. The leader of the reformation and one of the most Famous theologians of the 16th century. He wasn't always going to be a theologian, He had a lot of viewpoints that opposed the Catholic church, and he was punished for his beliefs.
Martin Luther was Not always the theologist he turned out to be. He made many decisions that affected his faith life. Luther's father wanted him to go into one of the 3 biggest carriers of the time, law, Medicine, and Theology. The church was a very big part of the decisions people made on their carriers. (Sunshine 72) Thus Luther was still being influenced by the church. As well as his father. Luther went into law to please his father. When Luther began his life away from home he was influenced by his dad (who payed for his tuition so he could go to law school) to go
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But Luther continued to show heroism and continued his work. On January 3, 1521 Pope Leo II excommunicated Luther. The pope’s reasoning for this was for Luther not stopping his teachings. (Althus 236) this was a very big deal due to the fact that it meant you were a sinner and were to be shunned. In the winter and spring of 1521 Luther was brought before a diet and was given a chance to repute his teachings. During this Hearing Luther had planned to make a fool of all the people in the diet but he was never given the chance to defend himself (sunshine 33). This evidence supports the claim that Luther was punished very badly for opposing the church. Luther also had a warrant out for his arrest. This was also due to Luther not stopping his teachings. (Sunshine 89). This again shows that the church would do anything to punish

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