How Did Martin Luther King Change The World

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“Love is the most durable power in the world”,said the person who changed the world and millions of lives. Martin Luther King Jr(MLK).MLK was a revolutionary man that succeeded in gaining freedom for colored people. Although it may seem that MLK always wanted to speak against racism and make sure he changed the world before he left it, that wasn 't always his plan. In fact,he was going to become a lawyer, but then thought that he could be of better assistance if he was a pastor. Many people wouldn 't care if they 're helping others or not; they just care about the paycheck. Not everyone would go out of their way to change their occupation just so they can benefit others. Martin 's experiences as a child shaped his actions and beliefs as an adult. For example, when he was younger…show more content…
Another point to consider is that since Martin was a young kid, his father wouldn 't listen to anyone that treated him differently due to his skin color and refused to be handled this way. For instance, when Martin went with his father to a shoe store and were sitting in the whites section, the salesman asked them to move to the colored section but Reverend King refused. He confidently replied, “ We 'll either buy shoes sitting here, or we won 't buy shoes at all.” MLK grew up learning not to tolerate segregation and to speak up against it. For this reason, Martin grew up and took action to forever abolish discrimination; he grew up learning that segregation was wrong, so he did something to fix it. Everybody knows that Rosa Parks was arrested because she refused to give up her seat to a white man of the bus. The same thing happened to Martin,but he didn 't get arrested. Instead of getting arrested, Martin had to stand for a ninety-miler drive. He was returning from a statewide competition by bus, and a white man walked on the bus, so he had to give up his seat to the white man. Martin later said, “It was a night I 'll never forget. I don 't think I have ever been so deeply angry
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