How Did Martin Luther King Contribute To The Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther king contributed significantly to the civil rights movement in the 20th century, through his non- violent approach to remove racial and social discrimination. Martin Luther king was born in Atlanta, Georgia, he had been risen from poor beginnings. He was the middle child of a family in rural Georgia. His father was an alcoholic and was very much aggressive as a result, king escaped from his home. He started preaching as a social rights advocate in 1926 and became a pastor of a church called Ebenezer Baptist church which was small and had only 13 members. martin Luther king grew up in a loving environment, martin Jr’s parent could not shield from racism even though they tried. Martin Luther king grew up with the fact that African American were treated horribly and white Americans were inferior. King was able to attend one…show more content…
From early beginnings, martin Luther king grew up fighting against racial segregation, and prejudice. Martin Luther king started preaching and getting involved in 1926. In the south whites and blacks went to different schools, restaurants, swimming pools and other public places. Martin Luther king had the belief that non-violent protests could remove social injustice. He became well known for being an outspoken black leader of the united states, he encouraged whites and blacks to be alike and protested racial discrimination, poverty, and war. He was a social advocate of nonviolent resistance oppression, king was a Baptist minister and social rights activist who was the leader of the civil rights movement in the united states. Martin Luther continued to get involved in remove social and racial discrimination, and as he did this he contributed to the civil rights movement. Martin Luther king contributed significantly to the civil rights movement and led many
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