How Did Martin Luther King Impact Society

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January 15, 2017, on this day in history the country celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. For many people, this day is a day off from work or school, but to many, it is not. Martin Luther King Jr. The day celebrates his legacy and the success of his work. Martin Luther King Jr impacted society by finding solutions to civil problems by his tactics of nonviolent protests and persuading speeches. King. used his advantages of leadership to put in effect his ideas of civil peace. At age twenty-six, King was elected to be the head of the MIA or the Montgomery Improvement Association (Downing 18). King worked very hard at his job: “He was the driving force behind watershed events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott” ( Staff). King’s goal was to use nonviolent protests to create a better environment for everyone (Downing 56). He used his tactics as a leader to try to recreate the United States view of the discriminated(“Martin Luther King Jr.” Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History). Later, when King created the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or the SCLC. He used this opportunity to travel the country to teach his tactics and to meet with public faces to gain more support ( Staff). Martin Luther King Jr. became a guide to the civil revolution that would later take place. King had many failures throughout his work, but he used failure to his advantage. King was often turned around by the police, normally by force (Carson and Lewis). For example,
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