How Did Martin Luther King Impact The World

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Impact on the World Imagine what modern day America would be like if Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive. Would America have more laws or be a better place if he wasn’t assassinated? Would he have fulfilled his dreams and revealed his vision to others? “Martin Luther King Jr. had a vision of a society in which race was not an issue in how people were treated or in how they were allowed to live their lives” (YourDictionary). King made a difference during his time, but there really has not been much change since.
Impact during the Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist and a preacher in the Civil Rights Movement. Between the years 1954-1968, King accomplished many significant things. Some of those accomplishments being the Montgomery Bus
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To reach their goal, they planned to gather protesters and conduct non-violent protests all over the United States. Because King was a part of this Conference, he encouraged African-Americans to fight for their rights. One example being the “sit-in” movement in Greensboro, North Carolina. Many African-American students “would sit at racially segregated lunch counters in the city’s stores. When asked to leave of sit in the colored section, they just remains seated, subjecting themselves to verbal and sometimes physical abuse” (Martin Luther King Jr.). Seven months later and the sit-in movements were able to stop segregation in lunch counters in about 30 cities in the South. King also was able to experience many opportunities. In 1959, Martin Luther King Jr. was able to visit Porbandar, India and converse with many of Gandhi's followers. The trip showed King that what he was contributing to the African-Americans was right and this increased his drive to help everyone become
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