How Did Martin Luther King Influence Society

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Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman. Three of America’s most influential personalities all with one common purpose. The freedom of their people, race and a better, equal America. These are some examples of people that stood for what they believed in, and just like them if you do just the same you could not only inspire people, but you can also make an impact in the world. First of all, agitating for what you believe in is important for by doing this you might inspire people to fight alongside you. For instance, our U.S president had made a remark after NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee to the national anthem that said, “If any NFL player takes a knee during the national anthem get them the @*#% out of the arena!” In response to the comments made by the president many other professional athletes started to take a knee during the anthem and others have stayed in their locker rooms. Kaepernick inspired these athletes to take a stand against the commander and chief of the country they live in as a way to tell him that the actions he has taken is hurting their country. In my personal opinion, people should take a stand and not stay silent and use their…show more content…
For example, when Martin Luther King held his march to advocate for civil and economic rights for African Americans, a total of about two hundred-fifty were in attendance; therefore, they were able to listen and be educated by the vivid words of M.L.K’s “I Have A Dream” speech. As we all know, his speech had some of the most powerful and influential locutions ever spoken by a human being. With that, people now had a better understanding of the suffering and the prejudice done to African Americans. I believe, that our society is now better off with the words of M.L.K. We people need to speak up and not stay silent, hidden in the shadows so we can make a change just like the famous men and women before
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