How Did Martin Luther King Jr Influence The Black Consciousness Movement

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Martin Luther King jr influenced Black Consciousness thinking as expressed by Steve Biko by demonstrating how collectively black people are powerful, why black people need to lead their own movements, his writings on his criticism of white liberals. Collectively this influenced Black Consciousness as expressed by Steve Biko. Martin Luther King Jr was around during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, where African Americans were lynched and murdered just for wanting to be treated as equals in society. The Civil Rights movement in America emboldened other rights movements in other countries, particularly countries that had been recently freed from colonialism and those who were wanting to be freed from colonialism. Martin Luther King jr’s theories were largely influenced by Black Theology and thus his beliefs centered largely on the achievement of equal rights for all African Americans and the creation of a…show more content…
He filled the leadership vacuum left behind by the leaders of banned organisations. The Black Consciousness movement was based on the idea that black people ( all people who were by law or tradition politically, economically and socially discriminated against as a group in South African society. The term black is not all-inclusive, the fact that we are all not white does not mean that we are all black.) have to struggle for survival and in order to rid themselves of the shackles of oppression, they must group together against the cause of their oppression - the blackness of their skin. “Black consciousness, therefore, takes cognisance of the deliberateness of God’s plan in creating black people black.” Biko’s theory therefore as a direct response to the government 's attempt to repress people through fear and the belief that they (black people) were
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