How Did Martin Luther King Use Nonviolent Actions

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Question 1 According to Martin Luther King, “The nonviolent resister is just as opposed to the evil that he is standing against as the violent resister but he resists without violence” (1). Using nonviolent actions is not aggressive physically, however, it is aggressive spiritually. For example, Martin Luther created a mass action campaign and the Montgomery bus boycott in order to get rid of segregation. When I was in Egypt, the Arab spring was at its dawn. People were protesting for their rights and were using nonviolent actions such as, conscientious objection, negotiation and mass march. The government however, used violent actions in order to stop the protests. They would shoot people who wouldn’t follow orders and use other violent methods in order to stop the…show more content…
By this he means that even if people are being discriminated, treated unjustly, unequally or prejudiced, that in due time they would be treated with fairness and equality. “And this was one of the things that kept the people together, the belief that universe is on the side of justice”(2). This gave the protesters courage and hope because they knew that in the long run, they would be treated equally; they would have equal rights as the white people. Some people believe that the universe is not on the side of justice, however that is baseless. The phrase “the universe is on the side of justice” is what we know as karma. Humankind continues to believe in that phrase. For instance, if someone’s family member was murdered, rather than seeking out revenge, the family of the deceased would rely on the law system to bring justice to their loved ones. Another example would be the Arab spring, the citizens believe that justice was on their side, and it was owing to that, that people had strength, courage and hope to keep fighting for their rights. If they didn’t believe in that simple phrase, they would have used means of
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