How Did Mary Come To Power

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Born February 18th 1516 to King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Mary was born and raised up to 17 as a legitimate princess. Mary despised the protestants and though that they were sinners for going against the church. So to no surprise when she began her reign in 1553. Mary unsuccessfully tried to reform England back to a Catholic ways. But the way she went about doing this is what got her the nickname Bloody Mary.

Mary was the only legitimate child that survived from Henry’s first marriage. So when Anne Boleyn had Elizabeth I she got Mary taken out of line for the throne. But after Edward VI died she staked her claim to the throne. When Mary got a taste of power she went crazy. This sudden power fueled a anger at being taken out of the royal family. Since she couldn’t punish Boleyn or her father. She blamed what had started it all the divorce or the protestant way. During her reign of bloody
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Due to lack of other religions, in the area. It grew very powerful and swayed many decisions in the western European civilization. The power came mainly from people being gullible and taking everything at someone else’s word.Then the catholic church started selling Indulgences which basically said that for money on earth would can spend less time in purgatory. When this came about people finally said no. Stood up and revolted against the catholic church. They were labeled as sinners and hell-goers. This belief was installed into Mary Tudor, that these people were bad and to stay away. But that gave her no right to blame them for what her father did. And then to kill them.

It was estimated that in Mary Tudor 's short reign of bloody terror. That Thousands of protestants were killed. But despite all of this killing. The protestants remained strong and in the end prevailed over Mary. From the protestants came many other denominations. The freedom of religion continued to grow after and despite of many attempts to hush
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