How Did Mary Dyer Executed In The Salem Witch Trials

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In a small place called Salem Village, Massachusetts, over 200 people were accused of being witches and 20 people were executed, 1 being pressed to death. One woman, a woman who dared to do the impossible, a woman who dared to challenge the government, a woman by the name of Mary Dyer, was executed for practicing her religion which was declared illegal by the Puritan church. Why? It was because of suffocating grasp, the theocratic government, or the Puritan Church, had over the people. It all would have been different if the Puritan society was introduced to a document, we, as citizens of the United States, are so fortunate to have, which is called the Constitution, but more specifically, if they were introduced to the establishment clause. …show more content…

The lives of Mary Dyer and those who died in the Salem Witch Trials would …show more content…

If this was imposed upon the Puritans, no matter what religion was practiced amongst the people, it would have always been separate from the law. Mary Dyer, as well as the the rest of the Quakers, would also not have been institutionally discriminated against because the church would’ve been separate from the state. Additionally, those who died and those who were sent to jail in the Salem Witch Trials would have not been accused of witchcraft, as the church wouldn’t have had enough power to initiate such a mass hysteria because it was religion based and establishment clause states that religion must be kept separated from the

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