How Did Mary Todd Lincoln Got Married

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Mary Todd Lincoln was a very smart women. She never really needed anyone to help her with things and her parents took an extra step and put her in school. She was smarter then the girls were suppose to be in her time. She made the decision to move with her sister and that’s when she met Abraham Lincoln and her life started out the way she wanted it to. What Was Her Life Like Before She Got Married? Mary Todd Lincoln was born on December 13, 1818, in Lexington, Kentucky. She was a very cute and loving child. “Mary grew up wealthy; her father, Robert Todd, was a successful merchant and a politician” . She lost her mother at the age of 6. Her father then remarried and his new wife was really strict. Mary received a remarkable education for a young girl during this time period. She studied at a local academy and then attended boarding school. Mary then…show more content…
“she suffered a head injury during a carriage accident in 1863 and thereafter complained of migraine headaches” . The next 17 years held nothing but sorrow. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. With her son "Tad" she traveled abroad in search of health, tortured by distorted ideas of her financial situation. And then Tad died in 1871. Mary just didn’t know how to cope with everything and she was depressed about all the deaths in her life and all the loves she had lost. her surviving son, Robert Todd Lincoln, had her temporarily committed. “Mary was judged insane” . She attempted suicide through an overdose of laudanum, but the pharmacist gave her a placebo. After many weeks her sister, Elizabeth Edwards had secured her release and took Mary to live with her and Ninian. She spent a few months in France and then moved back with her sister. Her heath and her vision started to fail and Mary stayed in the room most of the rest of her life. She then died on July 16,
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