How Did Mccarthyism Impact Politics

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McCarthyism, a broad political campaign during the mid-twentieth century against suspected Communists in influential positions throughout America, had severe implications on the American political landscape. In what ways did McCarthyism impact politics during the time period of 1946-1953? McCarthyism impacted politics during 1946 - 1953 by allowing politicians to run on claims without evidence, the use of legislative actions, and through the rise of Nixon.
Politicians and political groups were able to run on claims without evidence, a core principle of McCarthyism. On February 9, 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy first grabbed the attention of the public by claiming that he had a list of 57 cases of Communism. McCarthy had no actual evidence to back up his claims. McCarthy used his position’s power to bolster any claim that he made against someone. According to Ellen Schrecker, when questioned “he tended to qualify his initial charges and fling new ones. Apparently, neither truth nor consistency mattered to him.” HUAC, House Un-American Activities Committees, also interrogated people with Communist connections and despised them if they refused to answer. Liberals and Conservatives alike harshly criticized the actions of HUAC but repeatedly voted to maintain the HUAC. The HUAC did not have concrete evidence that could be used to accuse people as Communist sympathizers. The HUAC even bullied other organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, designed to protect the liberties of Communists and other political groups, started to wilt under pressure from the HUAC. These people followed along
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Through signature McCarthyism tactics such as making false accusations without evidence, a core principle of McCarthyism the legislative action of the U.S. Government, and affecting the rise of Nixon who adopted policies of McCarthyism, American politics was deeply
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