How Did Medieval Culture Influence American Culture

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The Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages, lasted from 500-1500 C.E. Around that time, the Western Roman Empire fell, causing everything to go out of order in Western Europe. People during that time were basically Romans, and those living in the Eastern Roman Empire - the Byzantine Empire - were also Romans. Hence, the culture in the Medieval Ages was similar to the culture in the Byzantine Empire. Cultures, throughout the world, build on one another - just like how the Roman Empire influenced the Medieval Culture. The Medieval culture influenced American culture today. Art, music, along with clothing are all major cultural aspects from the Middle Ages. Art shaped the way the people in the Middle Ages entertained themselves. During the…show more content…
People of the Middle Ages would wear tunics “made of a long rectangle [piece] of wool with a hole in the center for the head and crude stitching at the sides” accompanied by an under-tunic and a heavier over-tunic (Pendergast). But then, in the early 1300s, clothing became "straightforward and practical, appropriate to rank, adding distinction through color and fabric quality rather than cut and tailoring." But then around the late 1330s, the clothing started to change. Everything soon depended on how the sleeves of the fabric are cut. People would have certain restrictions depending on their status. A lord was given the freedom to wear anything, and no constraints. Knights had freedom of clothing depending on how much their land was worth. A knight with land worth 400 marks has a few limitations, but may dress as they will, while a knight with land worth 200 marks has many restraints. Correspondingly, as people continue down the line of rank, they get more and more regulations. The royal families also have absolutely no restriction as to what to wear (Mortimer). Obviously, a cultural phase from the Middle Ages is clothing. Clearly, culture impacts the way people lived during the Middle Ages, as well as America today. The art that the citizens of England used back then, Americans still use today. Identically, children and adults, alike, listen to music daily. The instruments being played in the music are similar to the ones being played around 500 CE. Furthermore, clothing has also developed from the Middle Ages to the modern days. Generally speaking, the Medieval culture has impacted American

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