How Did Medieval Use Medieval Weapons

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Medieval weapons just started as spears but the medieval era evolved quickly they invented the catapult, swords, cannons, crossbows. Name it and the list goes on, they had variety of weapons they used as well as torture devices such as hanging people, dragging them by tying them to a horse and pulling the human body apart from torso to the lower body. The pear was also a very “nice” tool they used back in the medieval era it 's a tool where if a woman cheats on their husband they get the pear tool inserted in the vagina of a woman and it slowly opened inside of them causing the vagina to rip and to bleed to the point where the woman dies from so much blood being lost. b862ba6a-8335-448c-b6d4-6dd91f6217ae.jpg

After the torture that the medieval people went through from not being a christian many fled the scene to go to a nice peaceful place where it’s okay to be the religion they are today. But after the torture came the crusades came that 's where they started to build and craft all the armory for the men and horses also they created the weapons that they used in the wars. the weapons consist of sword, battle axes, pikes, spears, cannons,
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The blacksmiths came up with putting armor around the horse 's legs neck and torso and they even had helmets/ masks so that the horse could not get injured but sometimes that wasn’t the case the armor sometimes helped out but not all the time because some armor was poorly made to fit the horses and the men the knights armor was a full body armor from head to toe covered in metal and under that metal the knights wore chain vest just incase if the sword or spear does go through their body but sometimes the chain didn 't help out at

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