How Did Mencius Influence Early Chinese Government

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It’s a little bit difficult to understand the cultural and political influences each of these men had on early Chinese government and society. From my understanding and what I’ve gathered from the reading. The main focus and point the Mencius is trying to make are this; In our human nature, we are naturally innocent and good. We are born good and we know what is right and what is wrong. He also had said that each of us has goodness inside of everyone, though that’s as individuals. But individuals together make up a greater portion and makes a society that should be changing what is good. Yet, the opposite is true as well. That if we as citizens don’t behave and create positive vibes, or influences others, it will cause bad morals and bad character. I think that Mencius was focused on creating a better person and from that, there will be good that…show more content…
The first story/analogy that was used, talked about how a King saw an ox that was going off be satisfied and he saw the sad countenance of the Ox, and without hesitation, he asked the servant to take the ox away and instead sacrifice a sheep. He did so that he would not have to see the face of the ox, therefore he was good. Xun Zi, said that is through ritual and practice that one can change and develop. He compares it to a nobleman being nourished and being fed. When he is fed correctly the good does come.
In relation to both of these men, Xun Zi ends up abounding his side and takin upside with the views and ways of Mencius. They each have the approach that affects their view of governing. I feel that Mencius is in the manner of governing oneself will ultimately allow others to follow in what is right. Though in contradicting or more so just differently Xun Zi believed that is was the ritual that the government will do things correctly, it practices that bring forth the good out of the evil in human

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