How Did Mesoamerican Culture Change Over Time

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Between 1000 BCE and 1550 CE, the societies of Mesoamerica have changed and developed because they grew from a small civilization to a great empire, yet the techniques Mesoamericans used to legitimize their power has remained the same over time because the civilizations always practiced human sacrifices. Mesoamerican civilizations have changed over time. From the time of the Olmecs to the Mayans, they had grown from a first major Mesoamerican culture to a long-living civilization. The Olmecs had built a network to spread their culture, and seeing how the Mesoamerican societies came to be after them, they’ve succeeded. After the decline of the Mayan civilization, the Aztecs ruled as an empire. The collapse of the Mayan civilization is unknown, possibly due to population decrease or disastrous environmental change. The development of the Mesoamerican civilizations shows how much they have progressed.…show more content…
The Teotihuacan and Toltec peoples were both militaristic and glorified those who sacrificed themselves. Human sacrifices were to please the gods for favors and prevent natural disasters, but also to take control over their neighboring people. The Aztecs also relied on human sacrifices to provide the gods with blood, the most valuable substance. They used it not only to bring their people together to watch the public spectacle but also to terrorize their enemies. The similar way of legitimizing their power is a way to connect how one civilization influenced the
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