How Did Mesoamerican Social Change

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The late Post-Classic period begins during the late 12th century, after the Toltec were gone and the Chichimec people began to arrive. These people were linguistically related to the Toltecs and to the Mexica people. They'd begun moving into Mesoamerica and encroaching upon the Maya, whom themselves were already being pushed north because of the changed environment.
These migratory movements by northern people were the result of not just the environment, but of the many social changes that took place during the final period of Mesoamerican civilization. These people came from the northern regions of Mesoamerica were driven by climate changes that threatened their own survival. These migrations from the north caused displacement of many
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Metal had been occasionally used to make a few trinket items, but wasn't experimented with in general. Most Mesoamericans limited their use of metals to creating jewelry and some tools. New alloys and techniques had been developed in a few centuries later, but metal had little use or value to them.
The most advanced techniques of Mesoamerican metallurgy were developed by the Mixtecos, whom had been influenced by northern cultures. They produced many exquisite handcrafted items from metal, especially that of fine jewelry. Gem setting was one of the Mesoamerican popular uses of metal.
Metal took on a slow role in development in Mesoamerica. It wasn't until later when they began using metals with construction, such as using nails to secure parts of buildings. There were great improvements in mortar and its usage, which allowed for improved construction methods. The Maya began using support columns in their buildings and stone roofs became commonplace in the progressive Maya areas in the post classic period.
Their system of agricultural irrigation became more and more complex to meet their population's demand. In the valley of Mexico, 'chinampas' were used to grow

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