How Did Mesopotamian Empires Influence Western Civilization

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Throughout Western Civilization, there have been multiple cyclical empires. These empires have ruled in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Despite the fact that they have come and gone quickly, they all have still managed to leave their mark and helped influenced the societies. The main Mesopotamian Empires were Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian. Sumerian ruled from 3500 BC to 2300 BC. During this empire, the first religion temples and priests were established. Religion continues to grow after their establishments and today’s society has many religious temples for people to worship in. The first international trade occurred, something that is continued to be used today. Writing was invented in cuneiform. They had government and laws,…show more content…
The Old Kingdom brought the pyramids to the world. The pyramids were a place for people to be buried after death, as it was their steps into the afterlife. The Pharaoh Menes unified Egypt in 3100 BC. The Middle Kingdom brought back the stability that was lost during drought and the rival clans that took power. Their Military reconquered Nubia for natural resources. They also changed their religious beliefs from the pyramids being the key to afterlife to the fact that everyone has a soul and could be welcomed into life after death because of that. Laws were also codified under this kingdom. The New Kingdom expelled Hyksos under the ruling of Ahmose I. Thutmose III had seventeen military campaign conquer Nubia. Under Khatre they established Sphinx, which protected his burial pyramid. Religion briefly changed to the monotheism worship of Aten under the ruling of Akhenaten and soon it faded after his death until his son, King Tut, took over as the image of the Aten. Even though the cyclical empires did not always last long, they still managed to leave an impact on Western Civilization. No matter the size of the empire they were, they contributed to make the society better and continue to grow. Mesopotamia established things such as writing, military, and trade. Ancient Egypt built upon their land and fixed their religious views. Even the smallest contributions made a difference in the Western
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