How Did Michael Luther King's Impact On American Culture

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The year is 1929. America “the beautiful” is attempting to heal the wounds that came with the involvement of the First World War. But internally, festering scars still remain from the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln’s iconic proclamation that all men were created equal proved a turning point in United States history and the country bled with the lives lost in the conflict for this God-given right. However, though the law declared slavery abolished, prejudice continued to run deep in the hearts of individuals and the cultural ways of living. Sixty-four years after the end of this struggle, the division between black and white still stood firm. It was into this atmosphere that a baby was born. Michael Luther King Jr. came in the world on January…show more content…
He stood against economic and racial injustice, abhorring the violence it engendered. However, he encouraged change though a peculiar method of leadership. Unlike other famous black activists of the time, Benjamin Mays and Malcom X, King’s goal involved fusing black culture and white culture together in a way that emphasized the best portions of each. But when he rallied people to action, he called them specifically to non-violent action. He was passionate to see the conditions of his people improve, but he was not willing to further the pain that had already carried on too long through slavery and war. King spoke strongly against violence with sayings such as, “Violence must not come from any of us, and if we become victimized with violent acts or intent, the pending daybreak of progress will be transformed into a gloomy midnight of retrogress.” and, “We cannot win with violence—it is immoral. It is also impractical…We must meet hate with creative…show more content…
championed for the rights of the downtrodden and led a movement that brought the country closer to abolishing the racism that did not dissipate with the abolition of slavery. Although he received threats and physical attacks, he remained peaceable and steadfast in his beliefs. It will not be until Christ comes again and the kingdom of heaven is fully established on earth that we see King’s dream being fully realized. But until then, we can see the waves that this incredible man sent out, and do our part to further their
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