How Did Mohammed Mossadegh's Change Over The Years

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The world has changed drastically in the last 66 years in vast ways. Some of these changes are based on developments in areas such as knowledge, public affairs and perspective. These changes are evident when reviewing Mohammed Mossadegh’s “Person of the Year” article from 1951. Mohammed Mossadegh was born in May of 1882. He grew up in the midst of major Iranian movements such as the 1891 Tobacco Revolt. He studied in France and Switzerland, then later eventually became prime ministers of Iran. Mossadegh was selected as Time 's magazine’s 1951 “Person of the Year” due to his nationalization of the Iranian oil. We are revisiting him today due to unknown factors at the time that article was written such as the United States involvement in the 1953 coup, the 1979 revolution, and other events that arise due to previous events. Growing up, Mossadegh was surrounded by the political world. His parents came from a privileged class with his mother being a Qajar princess and his father serving as a finance minister.…show more content…
With the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later known as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and currently known as BP in today’s society) extracting large amounts of oil and bringing major profits to Britain, the British government began to put their attention to keeping the Iranian government in their favor. The harsh Anglo-Persian Agreement serves as a prime example. In 1919, the British pushed this agreement on Ahmad Shah, to ensure its approval Britain bribed the Iranian negotiators. This agreement called for British control over Iran’s army, transport system, communications network, and treasury. The agreement impacted Iran in multiple ways, it “removed the last vestiges of Iran’s sovereignty, but it also infused the nationalist movement with passion.” This struggle of nationalism would define Iran for decades to
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