How Did Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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Going against society is never a good thing. This theme is seen in Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, which is a science fiction novel that takes place in an unnamed American city in 2053. In this novel, Guy Montag is a firemen who burns books for a living. He experiences changes that change the way he feels about book and his job. The oppressive society impacted Montag's identity because at the beginning of the book he believed in burning books and at the end of the book he didn’t believe that books should be burned. Three events that burned exemplify this impact are stealing his first book, watching the girl burn her house down and her in it, and him burning his own house down. The oppressive society impacted Montag's identity when he stole his first book. Montag is looking for a book to steal to read. In the book it tells us how montage stole the book “Montag's hand closed like a mouth, crushed the book with wild devotion , with an insanity of mind lessens to his chest” ( 34-35). This quote is the first way that…show more content…
Before Montag burns his house down he was talking to this guy. The guy was telling Montag how to burn his house down and that he needs to do it himself. "He stepped into the bedroom and fired twice and the twin beds went up in a great simmering whisper, with more neat and passion and light then he would have supposed them to contain" ( 110). This quote tells us the details on how he burns down his house.
Montag's identity changed because of an oppressive society. This book shows how a oppressive society can change the world. It also shows how it can create war with the people who think different with the society's ways. This book shows the dangers of a oppressive society.

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