How Did Montag Killed Beatty

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Montag murdered Beatty and should be punished. Taking a man’s life away is what Guy Montag did to chief Beatty. A well respected captain for the local fire station. The killer is a law breaker who killed Beatty as a cover up to avoid the punishment of his actions. What are his actions, having a whole collection of books in his house. Montag murdered an innocent man because he was going to be put in jail. Montag is already guilty of having books and shouldn’t just be let go for another offense of murder. If KKK members lynched African Americans they were still put in jail no matter their excuse. With this evidence it doesn’t matter why he did it.In the book Montag had bad intentions and wasn’t thinking clearly which is why he fled the scene…show more content…
Faber is an old english professor who agreed to help Montag understand illegal books and work together talking through a secret seashell that he messed with to make cellular communication less obvious. Beatty was smart enough to notice it and once he took it Montag reacted with murder. Beatty was doing his job saying that he was going to locate his friend who was also hiding books from the government and Montag wanted to delete the evidence to save his convict of a friend and kill Beatty and destroy the seashell. Bradbury writes, “Beatty switched the green bullet off and thrust it in his pocket. ‘Well so there’s more here than i thought. I saw you tilt your head, listening. First i thought you had a seashell. But when you turned clever later, I wondered.(Bradbury 112)” This evidence of what Beatty said proves that he was intelligent and a great analyzer which means he was very good at his job. And once Montag realized that Beatty found out about his seashell he murdered him. If Beatty would have lived then he would have did his job and locked them both up for their book crimes. Montag killed Beatty instead hiding from his friend’s and his
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