How Did Montesquieu Influence The Government

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Baron de Montesquieu was born on January 18, 1689 in Bordeaux, France with the name Charles-Louis de Secondat. Charles de Secondat was given the title of Baron when his uncle died and passed on his title, fortune and his presidential seat in the Bordeaux Parliament to him. Throughout Montesquieu 's life he had studied politics, law and science. He served as a judge in his region 's government and was extremely active in Bordeaux ' scientific academy. In 1721, Montesquieu published his thoughts on France; he called this publication The Persian Letters. He had published The Persian Letters without identifying himself as the author, but instead saying that two Persian travelers wrote it to describe their experiences in France. Montesquieu went to Paris to join the court there. Soon he found himself losing money and sold his judgeship out of financial need.…show more content…
In this book he expressed his ideas on how the government would work best. Montesquieu believed that the government should be split up into three groups: executive, judicial, and legislative. He was the first to suggest the separation of power in the government, where as the government as it was in France was aristocratic. Montesquieu proposed that if you share the power within the government, then no one part of the government with have all the power. This would stop one part of the government from oppressing the people of that place. Today, this is the type of government system that we use in America. Baron de Montesquieu 's ideas were adopted into our constitution and his form of government has been used in America since. Montesquieu also believed in political liberty. He thought that people could be as free as they want as long as they obeyed the laws. This type of government is called the separation of powers. When it was first proposed people discarded it because they were already used to the one type of government they were being ruled under. It took from the time that Baron de Montesquieu proposed it to the
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