How Did Morse Code Affect The Industrial Revolution

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I. “What hath God wrought?” This message, the first of its kind to be send instantly over a long distance was transmitted back in 1844. While it may seem insignificant, this series of clinks was what started the ear od communication. Morse code is a system created by Samuel F. B. Morse that uses dits and dahs sent over an electromagnetic box to relate messages. Throughout its growth, it has aided in many wars and led to new inventions like the radio and telephone. While it’s not used today, it’s important to know its historical impact. Imperative in paving the wat for a new era of communication and the advancement of long distance communication, Morse code and the telegraph also aided in the Industrial Revolution.

II. Morse code is a system comprised of dits and dahs.
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The finalized version of Morse code was created in 1873 with the help of Alfred Vail.
I. Three years later, they patented the code system “Telegraph signals.”

III. Along with the creation of Morse code, the telegraph also began to develop.
A. The first telegraph was built in 1843 after the patent was approved by the United States Congress.
I. From Washington to Baltimore, the line stretched over 40 miles and cost 30,000 dollars to construct.
B. Later Samuel Morse and a few associates formed the Magnetic Telegraph company after the US government declined the purchase of the patent.
I. In the telegraph industry it was very competitive with over 50 other competing companies.
C. Due to the competition, in 1851, the New York and Mississippi Valley Telegraph company was formed.
I. Their first was partnering with Cyrus Field to create the first transatlantic cable.
II. While the line was being built, Samuel Morse was working as the teams electrician.
D. Five years later, the NYMVTC merged with the Western Union Telegraph company after they began work on a transcontinental telegraph line.
I. With the telegraph lines expanding with the railroads, most everyone began to use them, even with expensive
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