How Did Mr Lewis Cause Suicide

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Seven people died. The cause of these deaths is Cyanide laced Tylenol, but will the person responsible for the rime ever be caught? Over 30 million bottles of Tylenol were taken off shelves after an unknown killer put lethal amounts of Cyanide into the Tylenol capsules. This caused 7 people to die. It has been over 17 years and still, no one has been found. There are theories that Mr.Lewis was behind this crime after sending a letter to Johnson and Johnson demanding 1 million dollars for him to “stop the killing”. While Mr. Lewis was believed to be responsible for the crime there are many other theories that say the real murder got away. The cause of the Tylenol murders led many theorists to dig deep to find out who was behind all the madness. …show more content…

There are many facts pointing to Mr.Lewis saying that he was the cause of all this madness. For example, Mr.Lewis sent a letter to Johnson and Johnson demanding 1 million dollars to stop the killing (Argell). If Mr.Lewis was not found he could have kept making the pills and making them easily; for instance, he wrote: “so far I've spent less than $50 and less than 10 minutes per bottle” (Argell). After he wrote the letter saying what he was doing and what he wanted he was arrested. Police were able to find Mr.Lewis from the letter by fingerprints and writing (Adame). In fact, He and his wife had been on the run for some time but they were eventually caught (Argell). All though Mr.Lewis was a major part of this crime he was never proven guilty when found. Mr.Lewis was found by FBI after writing the letter to Johnson and Johnson, but he was not proven for the …show more content…

Although there were many points pointing towards Mr.Lewis there are other theories that the real murder got away. For example 17 years and counting since the crime it seems the case will never be solved (Newton). There were many suspects to the crime; however, none of them were found to be in the actual poisoning (Historic Events). The FBI searched for some time but were never able to find who was actually responsible for the crime. The FBI backed down when in control and since then no new evidence had been surfaced (Adame). In fact, many people were brought in and investigated but no one was ever proven guilty for any of the killings. The person responsible for the death of 7 people was never caught (Barclay). Many theorists believed that Mr.Lewis wasn't the real killer and that the real killer was never found. 17 years and counting and many people are starting to think that the real killer will never be found. No suspects were actually connected to the poisoning besides Mr.Lewis and the FBI has backed down from the investigation since

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