How Did Muhammad Ali Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Muhammad Ali was a very influential person in the civil rights movement. He paved the way for equal rights in sports because he endured the hatred professionally. If he did not accept the discrimination in the manner that he did, then the sports would have rejected all colored people because they were perceived as temperamental fighters who couldn’t hold their anger in. As a result of his actions, the U.S. has improved much of their segregation laws and now has equality all over. During the times of Civil Rights, he did not know that he was making such an impact; he just wanted to be equal as every other person and he wanted to make sure others were being treated right as well.
Cassius Clay, or more popularly known “Muhammad Ali”, was a very
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Muhammad faced discrimination in a very rough time and handled it very professionally. Some believe this is his greatest act he’s ever done. As he did this, it proved to the white man that maybe not all colored people were how they envisioned that they were. If Muhammad had not taken these actions, then it’s possible that colored people would not even be integrated into our sports yet.
Muhammad Ali contributed not only to the US but the whole world. He strived for equality in all aspects of society. Ali was a very tough man; he blocked out all negativity in his life from racism to even Parkinson’s disease, which he eventually passed away because of this disease. Muhammad Ali was a very influential person on the Civil Rights Movement. Overall he changed Civil Rights as we know it, there is now equality in every sport and much of the societies. Without Cassius Clay, or “Muhammad Ali”, the nation as we know it would be completely different and even countries all over the

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