How Did Muhammad Shaped Bedouin Culture

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By 630 CE, paganism successfully ended by the Prophet Muhammad, which unified Bedouin. After the prophet’s death, the Islamic civilization expand rapidly in Asia, Africa, and Europe. A new era was created by the Muslims who contributed many resources, intellectual and cultural achievements. The Islamic faith transformed the Post Classical period. The prophet Muhammad shaped Bedouin culture by unifying them, religiously, politically and intellectually, which made expansion possible through the feuding divisions of Islam and fragmenting powerful empires, the growth of Islam created more intellectual and cultural achievements that shaped the Muslim world. The Prophet Muhammad unified the Bedouin culture by 630 CE religiously, through trade and intellectually. The Bedouin culture was very separate and tribal during the Pre-Islamic period. Each tribe had its own animistic religion, mainly polytheistic and there would be a lot of violence over beliefs. By converting to the Islamic faith, it unified the bedouin culture and centralized…show more content…
The golden age brought medical advancements because it gave Muslims and other scholars time to study the human body and remedies to treat it because it was a time of peace and prosperity. A golden age is a time where literature and record keeping flourishes. Literature during the golden age was characterized by a variety of works, ranging from poetry to philosophy. The literature advancements also contributed to the scientific advancements because scholars needed to translate every discovery and medical book into Arabic for proper record keeping. These advancements were made possible because of the center of knowledge, where scholars from all over, and any religion came to celebrate and discover
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