How Did Muriel Matters Affect Society

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Muriel Mattes was a propionate figure in the Feminism Movement, who campaigned the vote for women in the early 1900s, though her work was mainly recognised in Britain she is an Australian born suffragette. Muriel Matters pulled of quirky, bold and brave actions which forward the movement, the influences from Muriel matters effected society then as was the beginning of the first wave this also effected society today as women have the right to vote.
During the early 1900s Muriel Matters was largely active in the Feminism Movement. Her influences in which she became were based when “Muriel met ‘anarchist prince’ Peter Kropotkin who challenged her to use her skills for something more useful stating that, ‘Art is not an end of life, but a means.’
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“Began her life of activism touring England. Matters was an extremely prominent member of a critical mass of people agitating for women’s suffrage. Spent an entire life acting upon deeply held principles. These involved gender equality, universal access to education and a career open to talent.” (Muriel Matters Society. Inc, 2015)
The key event and actions that Muriel Matters was involved in was tirelessly campaigning for women’s voting rights in the English counties for many years. However, she was mostly known for chaining herself to the grille in 1908. “As this was a symbol of oppression of women in a male dominate society, and was her firm conviction was that the grille should be removed.” (Muriel Matters Society. Inc, 2015) As Muriel Matters describes it as a “vile grille and its removal as a symbol of the breaking down of one of the barriers that are between us and liberty” (Suffragette Postcards, 2015) In the course of the protest Muriel delivered a speech to parliament for the right of women to vote and for the removal of the grille. “Her speech was hailed as the first delivered by a woman in the House of Commons.” (ABC, Australian Art, 2013) She was sent to prison for a moth for inappropriate behaviour. However, this made major headlines around the

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